We would be happy to provide you with advice and appraisals of your antiques and art objects, without obligation and free of charge. If you are unsure about the value of an item in your household, ask us! The best way to do this is to arrange an evaluation appointment in our house. Of course, it is also possible to send a photograph of your objects, either by email or via our Heickmann app. Please understand that we can only make a preliminary assessment based on photographs. Of course, we also evaluate and look after extensive collections and estates. If you would like an on-site appointment at your home, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry!


We would be happy to help you market your art and antiques after a free evaluation. We auction for you professionally and seriously, have many years of experience and an international clientele.

How do I consign?

We look forward to welcoming you to our house to appraise your treasures. Please make an appointment for this. You are welcome to send us photos in advance, which we can use to make a pre-selection and advise you even more specifically. When you post your items, we will work with you to set the limit prices (minimum prices) for your auction items. You will then receive a consignment contract.

What does the consignment contract say?

The consignment contract states which objects you have brought to us, at which limit price (minimum price) they will be auctioned and when they will be auctioned. Also, the contract lists all the terms and costs incurred for services such as insurance (damage and loss liability), commission and item charges.

What costs will be charged?

As your partner, we work in a success-oriented manner. A commission, the so-called discount, of 20 percent is only charged for objects that have been knocked down (sold). The deduction is not made from the limit price, but from the hammer price, which already includes VAT. Every object we take over is insured. Therefore, we also only charge a proportionate insurance fee of 1.19% (incl. VAT) of the surcharge for sold objects. If your property remains unsold, the insurance participation does not apply. For publication in external international portals, we charge a so-called item fee of 3 euros (plus VAT) for each object. This increases by EUR 2 (plus VAT) for small surcharges or limits of less than EUR 50.

Until when can I consign for an auction?

In principle, we accept goods for our auctions at any time. In individual cases, we will advise you which auction date has the best chance of generating high proceeds for the objects you have submitted. The research, cataloging and photo presentation take time. In order to achieve the best possible success for both sides, it is therefore advisable to hand over your treasures to us as early as possible, at the latest five weeks before the auction date. Of course, it is also possible to submit a request to us at short notice.

Can I attend the sale?

The auctions are public, so you have the opportunity to follow the auction directly in the hall. However, internationalization and progressive digitization show that more and more bidders are using the possibilities of the Internet to participate in our auctions. We are therefore streaming the entire auction in image and sound via our homepage. You can therefore experience from the comfort of your own home what prices your consigned items achieve.

How do I find out the results of my lots?

The catalog numbers that will be used in our auction are already noted on your consignment contract. Only in rare cases do we change this numbering so that you can enter the catalog number as a search term and find your object quickly in the online catalogue. After the end of the auction, the hammer price for each object is noted on our homepage. This way you can easily check the price at which your consigned items were auctioned. We will send your complete auction statement about four weeks after the auction. We will soon be offering further services via the Heickmann app.

When will my sold items be paid out?

The billing and payment takes place approximately four weeks after the auction by cheque, bank transfer or (with advance notice) also as a cash payment.

What happens if not everything was sold at the auction?

If not all of the items you consigned have found a buyer, we will inform you of this in writing in the statement. We kindly ask you to pick up the remainder again. Due to limited storage capacity, we can only store unsold lots for a short time without incurring storage fees for you.