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107th Art and Antiques Auction
from 03/11/2017

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Gottwald von Lohr, Hans (around 1480 Lohr am Main - around 1543 Saalfeld)

Lot 2535 limit € 19.500

Linden wood, carved, colored and set in gold, Anna Selbdritt, representation of Saint Anna, carrying Mary and the baby Jesus in her arms, standing in contrapposto on a grass base, the childlike Mary with an open book, the baby Jesus holding a pear, figure in three-quarter relief , flattened and hollowed out at the back, fine mounting hole in the base area, all in all very good condition, the version with smaller flaws or partially min. old rest., H approx. 89 cm, around 1510 years in the collection of Jacob H. Weiller/Frkft.aM and was auctioned off in 1930 by Hugo Helbing in Frankfurt (still attributed to Valentin Lendenstreich). The shrine and wings were lost during World War II and the figures were sold individually. The Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen acquired a bishop figure from the altar. It is documented that Hans Gottwald von Lohr was an apprentice in the workshop of the famous Gothic carver Tilman Riemenschneider in Würzburg and worked there as a journeyman until 1501. Around 1502/03 he moved to Saalfeld in southern Thuringia and entered the workshop of Valentin Lendenstreich. From 1506 he is on record as a master craftsman with his own workshop. Gottwald von Lohr is one of the outstanding late Gothic carvers in Thuringia, who brought essential elements of the Riemenschneider style to the region. Works by Gottwalt are to be found in numerous Thuringian churches and museums. Another Anna Selbdritt figure is one of the outstanding exhibits in the Saalfeld City Museum. Other altars and holy figures can be found in the Angermuseum in Erfurt, in the Focke-Museum in Bremen, in the Gertrudiskirche and the Johanniskirche in Saalfeld, in the Stadtkirche in Munich-Bernsdorf and in the St. Bonifatius-Kirche Heilsberg. See lit.: Gerhard Werner: The carver Hans Gottwald von Lohr. Sketches on the history of art in Saalfeld, ed. from the Thuringian local history museum in Saalfeld, museum series issue 2, Saalfeld 1966. The same: The Saalfeld carver Hans Gottwalt von Lohr, a student of Tilman Riemenschneider, diss. masch. university Greifswald 1987.

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